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Group Benefits

We work with both large and small organizations alike to provide benefit plans to attract and retain top employees. With our diverse product suite of life, health, and ancillary insurance products, we can provide cost-effective options that meet any business or organization's needs. These products can provide huge benefits to any organization, including improved workplace morale, a healthy workforce, and tax advantages for businesses. Let our team of experts help you find the right solution for your team.

Group Benefits

Group Benefits Offered

Group Life Insurance - Protect employees and their families from the unexpected with low-cost term insurance.

Group Health Insurance - Group health plans typically offer lower premiums than individual coverage. Premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars, which lowers employee tax burdens.

Group Ancillary Insurance - Gap coverage options for employees include dental, vision, & hearing insurance, as well as disability and long-term care coverage.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) - Open a savings account with pre-tax dollars that can be used for qualified medical expenses when paired with a high deductible health plan.